Management Consultants to the Investment Industry
Management Consultants to the Investment Industry
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InsideOps: Mission Critical Qualities of Global Custodians

Capital allocation to emerging and frontier markets has grown materially over the last decade. This trend will accelerate and evolve as asset managers and asset owners continue to seek a greater universe of opportunities. To successfully operate it is essential that asset managers partner with custodians that have the mission critical qualities of local market […]

Webinar | Optimization of the ETF Operating Model | Register Today

Thursday, October 8, 2015 1:00-2:00pm ET ETF products and assets have proliferated over the past decade. Despite the different product types, ETF operations are almost exclusively outsourced, but this may be starting to change. This webinar will focus on how firms can leverage more optimized operating models over time as these products mature. Discussion topics […]

Beacon PeerView: Lay of the Land in Asset Servicing

In this quarter’s PeerView, Beacon reviews the transcripts of quarterly investment analyst conference calls held by publicly traded asset service providers to identify key industry trends.

InsideOps: Nontransparent Active ETFs – And Then There Were Three

The active ETF landscape is changing as the SEC continues to provide its feedback on nontransparent active ETF models. In its most recent InsideOps publication, Beacon updates its “Active ETFs” review from March 2015 and breaks down the recent SEC pronouncement regarding the Blind Trust structure and its impact on the development of nontransparent ETF […]

Beacon PeerView: Analyzing the Analyst Calls

In this quarter’s PeerView, Beacon reviews the Q1 2015 transcripts of investment analyst conference calls held by a dozen publicly traded investment firms to discern trends and challenges affecting firms’ operations.

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