Management Consultants to the Investment Industry
Management Consultants to the Investment Industry
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InsideOps: T+2 Settlement: Is Your House In Order?

On the heels of a large number of European markets moving to a T+2 settlement cycle, it could only be a matter of time before the U.S. does the same. Is your firm operationally prepared to support the change?

Download | The Next Step in the Journey to Realizing IBOR

The merits of IBOR have been touted for many years. Now is the time to take the next step in transitioning from why to how. Beacon Consulting Group has assembled a panel of industry leading experts who will share their insights, lessons learned and how their firms are implementing IBOR. While their journeys and ultimate destinations may […]

InsideOps: How to Analyze RFP/RFI Responses

The primary focus in the vendor selection process is typically put on the creation of the RFP/RFI, though analyzing the responses is equally as important. Once the responses are received, use this proven approach to complete the complex task of analyzing them. 

InsideOps: Getting Ready for Money Market Reform

Complying with new SEC money market reform requirements will require a significant collaboration between asset managers and service providers. The most recent InsideOps release is a guide to a sound approach to ensure a successful compliance process.

Beacon Announces Oversight Program Assessment (OPA)

Beacon Consulting Group is pleased to announce the availability of its Oversight Program Assessment (OPA) for asset managers and owners. OPA helps asset managers and owners ensure that their oversight activities are focused on key risk areas and are effective at mitigating risk.

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