Management Consultants to the Investment Industry
Management Consultants to the Investment Industry
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InsideOps: Ensuring Robust Financial Intermediary Oversight

Mutual fund shareholder services have evolved from a direct transfer agent model to one dependent on financial intermediaries.  In this InsideOps, Beacon explores the expansion in the oversight model and it’s associated risks.

Beacon PeerView: Investment Book of Record

The Investment Book of Record (IBOR) has gone from a hypothetical idea to a concrete operational tool; the focus has switched from defining IBOR to implementing it.  This quarter’s PeerView has surveyed industry participants to get their take as they move forward with, or complete, the implementation process.

InsideOps: The Future of Active ETFs

The active ETF landscape is constantly changing as firms continue to experiment with different nontransparent models and the SEC is forced to provide its feedback. In its most recent InsideOps publication, Beacon breaks down the current environment along with which models may shape the future of the product.

Beacon Announces Strategic Hire for ETF and Office Expansion

Beacon Consulting Group (Beacon) announces the addition of Steve Messinger to the management team as it continues its West Coast growth and expansion in the ETF and investment management industry. Steve joins Beacon as a Managing Director and his responsibilities will include leading client engagements, business development, and driving strategic initiatives. The addition of Messinger […]

InsideOps: T+2 Settlement: Is Your House In Order?

On the heels of a large number of European markets moving to a T+2 settlement cycle, it could only be a matter of time before the U.S. does the same. Is your firm operationally prepared to support the change?

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